Texoma Mud Park - Mud, Trails, and Fun
Here is a reminder of the Rules! Please read through this before the event! Thanks
You Must sign the Liability Waiver before entering Property, No Exceptions! No one under the age of 18 allowed without guardian. ID must be shown to enter gate! No children left unattended. We want to be a family oriented event. During the day children love to watch mud racing, rock crawling, and other such events. However, at night most parents would feel these conditions are not suitabl
e for children.
No person under the age of 21 shall be in possession of alcoholic beverages. We want everyone to enjoy themselves but not at the expense of others. Anyone who refuses to conduct themselves in a respectful way and who refuses to abide by the request of the event staff will be escorted out and/or arrested regardless of age or sex.
Fighting is Prohibited, no Exceptions!
No illegal drugs on property.
No Aggressive Animals allowed.
Speed limits on main roads and in campsites 10 miles per hour. Four wheelers & Dirt Bike’s are being allowed at this event. But PLEASE be very cautious of others. Our TOP priority is everyone’s safety!
No glass bottles or containers of any kind. All articles are subject to search. No weapons of any kind on property.
If you are caught on property without a wristband ensuring you have signed the liability waiver, you will be asked to leave immediately. Everyone has to wear their wristbands on their wrist. NO EXCEPTIONS! If it gets too tight, breaks or gets too muddy bring it to the front gate and they will exchange it for you. You must bring your original wristband with you to get it exchanged.
Please help keep the cost down by bagging your trash and putting it in one of the dumpsters that are located throughout the park.
No Flashing Strobe Lights or Emergency Style Lights
Motor homes, RV campers, enclosed trailers, are subject to be checked.
Thieves will not be tolerated. No Exceptions! We reserve the Right to Refuse Admission to Any and All Parties!
Please plan for a no ride time on the North side of the creek, Sunday from 9:30a.m-12:30p.m to respect the church across the street. Thanks!
Have a Great time, but please be safe, cautious, and respectful to others, and their property!

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